About Booking

Booking, simply means a reservation for a service such as flight, accommodation, hotels and other facilities on request. The world has seen the most technological boom in the last fifty years, with the innovations in every field, made possible now for making the human activity easier and more comfortable. Today, millions of people fly every day. This has strengthened not only the economies of places but also connected people and cultures. The advancement of technology has led to big progress in the system of flight ticket booking over the years and as such we at Purity Travels and Tours are not left behind.
Tickets are the documents that confirm purchase and guarantee a seat on the airplane for the chosen journey. The traditional tickets on the early days of air travel were made of paper and were to be collected from the travel agencies or airline office after purchasing. Along with globalization and the development of aviation industry, the process of ticket purchasing has also changed. Since the rapid growth and use of internet since the 2000s, ticket purchasing has been possible online. Decreasing number of people are now using the traditional paper ticket while almost all major airlines have given the possibility of online tickets, commonly known as e-ticket. This ticket today contains the information of the passenger’s name, date of travel, the flight number, destination and origin of travel, fare, taxes, baggage information, rules on changes and refunds, form of payments and the validity of the ticket.

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