Summer Vacation – Ibeno Beach

People enjoy a light shower in the Ibeno Beach

It covers a total area of about 1200 square kilometres. It extends from Okposo I to the east to Atabrikang village to the west, bordering Mbo Local Government Area and Bakassi Peninsula. It also shares its border with Eket, Esit Eket, Onna and Eastern Obolo local government areas.

People taking photographs as a part of memory at the Ibeno Beach.  The Atlantic Ocean surrounds it from the south. The whole stretch of the beach is beautifully decorated for the enjoyment of the local people. Ibeno beach presents unlimited natural amenities for tourism, boating, rafting, skiing, camel riding, horse riding and many more. The beach is also decorated with a large number of trees planted along the coastline. The tree provides coconut water in case of dehydration. The tree also helps in giving shadow to the people visiting the beach. Thus acting as a relief area after taking a bath.


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