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Purity Travels And Tours Company is a registered company situate in Nigeria with the primary motive of providing the best fare, expected delivery and attention, improve economic benefits and costs of travels and tourism, to reach virtually everyone within and outside Nigeria at large with the following aim and objectives: To carry on the business of Air flight reservations, ticketing, charter flight cargo, hotel reservations and protocol agent services;
To carry on business of travel and tour agency and act as accredited representative and commissioning agent for national, domestic, tour and cargo superintendent, and to carry on business of carriers and chatters of various modes; To carry on the business of travel and tourist agent, and to provide tourists and tourism services while promoting the provision of conveniences of all kinds.

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Purity Travels & Tours Offered World's Best Tourist Destinations

We Add Values To Growth

Looking at its contributions to growth, employment and incomes. Purity Travels & Tours first looks at the three routes through which tourism achieves its impacts i.e. the direct, indirect and induced impacts, subsequently assessing its impacts on employment and on incomes.

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Our Missions | Visions

One can employ different levels of aggregation in visitor segments, spending categories, multipliers, and economic sectors to finely tune the data and models to a particular application and also yield more detailed information.

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Our Services Are Unique

The impact of travelling and tourism on both economic growth and employment is clearly positive, there is good quantifiable data and evidence that travelling | tourism positively contributes to both economic growth as well as on employment, both directly and indirectly.

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Booking | Aims & Objectives | Societal Impacts

We at Purity Travels & Tours has the following added Aims And Societal Impacts

About Booking

Booking, simply means a reservation for a service such as flight, accommodation, hotels and other facilities on request. With the innovations in every field, made possible now for making the human activity easier and more comfortable.

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Aims & Objectives

Travelling and Tourism activity also involves economic costs, including the direct costs incurred by travelling and tourism businesses. Government costs for infrastructure to better serve tourists and travelers, are...

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We Create Societal Impacts

The societal and economic impacts of travelling and tourism, are therefore an important consideration in national, regional, state and community planning of economic development and other general purposes.

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Prof. S.A Onuoha ABH Hill, Behind Water Board Office, Old Karu -Abuja.
The Success story of Purity Travels And Tours Nig. Limited continues with a vision of state of art technology, hard work with dedicated and qualifying teams having highly professional background, visions and innovation skills.
Ms Precious Nwokocha Suite C32 2nd Floor, Danziyal Plaza, Opposite NNPC Mega Station - Abuja
Purity Travels and Tours Nig. Limited, this is to call to our notice that many has fully recommended that we are simply the best while building a new home for travelling and tourism.
Ms Hycenth Faith ABH Hill, Behind Water Board Office, Old Karu -Abuja.

Purity Travels & Tours Nigeria Limited has gotten to an unimaginable heights, this is indeed a great achievement to travelers and tourist at large. God bless Purity Travels And Tours Nig. Ltd.

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